Determination of Mass Transfer Coefficient for Bubble Column (Air-Water System) Using Image Processing

Aalaa Abdulazeez Turki
Dr. Naseer A. Al-Habobi

This research suggests a simple system to study the hydrodynamics in a bubble column reactor and measuring gas-liquid specific interfacial area a, individual mass transfer coefficient k,gas holdup ε , flow regime, bubble size distribution, coalescence of bubbles, and bubble rising velocity for a single bubble by using image processing techniques.G Images and movies were taken by a digital camera and then analyzed in MATLABR2008a to extract the required data need to obtain the design parameters for bubble columns from special equations. The bubble column is constructed with 0.081m diameter and 1.03 m height. The experiments were carried out with air-water.The column is filled with water to a height of 0.7 m at room temperature and atmospheric pressure while air is supplied from air compressor.



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