Proposed IK algorithm and AI controller for TIP position robotic Manipulator.

Abstract : The aim of this thesis can be divided into two main parts. In the first part an algorithm to solve the inverse kinematics problem of a complex structure robotic manipulator based on the rotation vector concept is presented. Solution of the inverse kinematics problem of the robotic manipulator represents one of the problems in the field of the robotic systems. In the proposed algorithm the orientation of the gripper is described with the aid of the rotation vectors too.


Design issues for mimo-ofdm wireless communication systems

Abstract : In the mobile radio environment, signals are usually impaired by fading and multipath delay spread phenomenon. In such channel, severe fading of the signal amplitude and Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) lead to unacceptable degradation of the system error performance. It is expected that Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is capable of providing very high data rate with strong robustness of multipath delay spread, which make that ISI is no longer a problem.


Implementation of dsp tms320c25 processors system

Abstract : The idea of multiprocessor is a technique or mechanism that is implemented for long years, but with the need for increasing of computational speed and accuracy, taking into account that the progress in technique in this field is rare in Iraq. This encouraged the implementing of this work in order to build a DSP kit helping Iraqi researcher at universities in their search with minimum cost.


Design and implementation of a PC-Based subharmonin wave analyzer

Abstract : The aim of this thesis is to design an effective and easy-to-handle system to analyze signals that contain subharmonic frequency components in its spectrum using a micro-computer based system. Subharmonic generation is widely occurring for low frequency bands especially at power frequencies, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, when these signals are used in energy processing. One of the famous techniques is called integral-cycle control or Amplitude Modulation of power signal.


Implementation of virtual private network using transport mode

Abstract : The impressive development of computer networks has reached the point where security becomes essential importance for every user and organization that want to exchange data in a secured way. Today, one of the latest secure communication methods for organizations that are motivated to reduce costs and increase services is the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN mechanism is based on two newest technologies, IPSec and IKE where, IPSec is a suite of protocols used to protect information and IKE is a protocol to exchanged data.


Evaluation of continous-time MOSFET-C filters in VLSI

Abstract : The different available techniques for MOSFET-C integrated filters implementation are investigated in this thesis. These techniques are reviewed and compared from different points of view and the most promising approach is identified. Some well-known second-order bandpass filter circuits are converted from active-RC form to MOSFET-C form using Balanced-Amplifier Technique. Their linear performances are evaluated analytically and computer-simulated using the simulation program PSPICE and ORCAD.


Simulation of spread spectrum HF modem

Abstract : Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has been employed as an attractive solution for wireless communication, because of the digital implementation of OFDM in which subcarrier generation and data modulation are accomplished digitally using orthogonal transformation such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of data block. This technique is considered as a building block of the suggested spread spectrum scheme.


Attitude control of a small satellite utilizing kalman filtering and gravity gradient

Abstract : This work deals with developing suitable attitude control algorithm for a small low Earth orbit satellite of minimum cost and complexity. The proposed attitude control system deals with a combination of passive and active control methods. Passive control is represented by boom deployment to ensure Earth pointing with accuracy (of _ 50 ). Active control method is accomplished by the use of a set of mutually perpendicular coils called magnetorquer mounted on the principal axes of the spacecraft.


Microcontroller-based temperature monitoring and alarm annunciation system design

Abstract : Wide range temperature monitoring and annunciation systems are implemented in many industrial applications and the present work is intended to develop a modern and easy-to-install temperature monitoring system that serves monitoring and annunciation of several nodes. The proposed system uses type-k thermocouples as primary sensing element; the output voltage from the thermocouple is amplified using suitable thermocouple amplifier circuits. The system is intended to measure temperatures in the range from 0 to 1250 °C at two different measuring points.



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