Presidency of Al-Nahrain University Holds a Meeting for Discussing The Mechanism for Enriching The Entrance of The University in The International Rankings

The committee of Quality Assurance and University Performance in Presidency of Al-Nahrain University holds a meeting to use the mechanism of work and   new suggestions in order to achieve the international dependency. This committee is headed by the President of University,Prof.Dr.Ali Al-Shawy ;the Assistant of the President of the University for the Scientific Affairs ,Prof.Dr.Omar Farouq and deans of College of Engineering ,Science, Information Technology and Business Economics.

The meeting aims for working suitable strategies and for carrying out this work   in  certain  times   according  to  the  principles  of    the  total quality to achieve the international rankings which participate in sobriety of the Higher Education in Iraq ,in general, and sobriety of Al-Nahrain University, in particular.  


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual ghaffour Muhammad Salah