Two Lecturers Publish a Research in an International Journal

Al-Nahrain Media:Hind Aswd

Two lecturers  of College of Engineering in Al-Nahrain University ,Dr.Nawfl Joseph Rezko and the researcher ,Sajad Yaqoob Yousef  publish a joint research about the role of the architectural academic program  in developing the outcomes of the basic education (the knowledge , skills and ability)within the Scopus index base.

The research includes a review of the studying curriculums in the  architectural academic curriculum for the five studying years which represent the inputs of the academic program  in its relation with the academic outcomes (the graduated engineer)in his/her practice in the labor market.

The research depends on Courier program  which is used internationally to check the elements of the constitution  of the academic program and to check the effect of the  architectural academic program  on the development of the outcomes of the education. 


Translated by

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour Muhammad  Salah