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Optimal Batch Distillation Using PC-Based

Batch distillation is becoming increasingly important as a result of the expansion in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries characterized by small amounts of the products with high added value. This thesis aimed at finding optimal way of operating batch distillation column using PC-based.The operation strategies for batch distillation were studied methanol and water mixtures with a constant heat duty of 288 W At the beginning of the batch operation, total reflux policy is required.



The corrosion of metallic structures buried in soils or in contact with soils has long been a serious engineering and economic problem. All over the world millions of kilometers of gas, water, oil pipelines, communication cables, power cables as well as storage tanks, buildings foundations, and many other structures are buried in the soil, suffering from soil corrosion problems which affect mainly the external surfaces of these structures. In many countries pipelines are by far the most important means of hydrocarbon transportation.


Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Stirred Two Phase Media of Brine-Gas oil and Brine-CO2 and Prevention by Cathodic Protection

Corrosion tests of carbon steel (CS) in single and two phase media of two immiscible liquids (CaCO3  solution-gasoil mixture) and liquid–gas (CaCO3 solution -CO2  gas) under different operating conditions of temperature, agitation velocity, phase fractions, gas flow rate, and immersion time were carried out using weight loss method and electrochemical polarization technique.